Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon / Material Comparison

Advantages of Carbon-Carbon Composites over various other materials

CFC Design Technologies

Preformed Yarn Method

Although the C/C composite has excellent performance, the conventional manufacturing method (impregnation method and CVD method) requires complicated steps and requires very long time to manufacture. And as a result it was extremely expensive. CFC have succeeded in a process simplification, shortening delivery time and reducing costs by developing innovative new manufacturing method called preformed yarn method (PY method).

PY (Preformed Yarn) Method

Fiber Orientation

By controlling the directional arrangement and the length of carbon fiber reinforcement that supports the carbon matrix, we are able to change the characteristics of the C/C Composite so that it can be used for different kinds of application.

Fiber orientation

Fiber length



Multidirectional orientation
Short fiber / FS140, FS740
Well suited for precision machined parts and complex components
  • Bolts
  • Nuts
  • Precision jigs
Bi-directional (0°/90°)
Bidirectional orientation
Long fiber / FS240
Most common use in the heat-resistance field
  • Trays
  • Plates
  • Large-size components
Unidirectional orientation

Long fiber

Long rods with maximum bending strength.
  • High-strength rods
  • Springs
  • Pins

Capabilities and Solutions

Materials Design

CFC Design's manufacturing technology has designed and created a variety of Carbon-Carbon manufacturing techniques over the years with precision and accuracy. Custom C/C material grades can be tailor-made to help with specific engineering challenges and help the customers reach their goals.

We employ various types of manufacturing techniques and special services which have been accumulated over many years.

Engineering Design

CFC Design's engineering design team works closely with every customer to develop a suitable application design solution for their specific product. The engineering team can perform a structural stress analysis to ensure your product will perform as intended in a defined load environment.

With prompt product planning, production, assembly, testing, and evaluations, our support team will work with each customer to exceed performance requirements and to provide outstanding design products.

Other Services and Solutions

If you have a unique application, please contact us and we can design a solution to meet your needs. We have over 30 years of experience in C/C product performance enhancement technologies, such as precision machining, purification treatment, and C/C coating technologies.

Whether to utilize existing standard material or design a totally custom solution, our technical team will work with each customer to find the best solutions for every situation.

Sustainability at CFC Design

Providing Material Design Innovations by Advanced Carbon Technologies to Help Address Global Issues

When we hear the word “carbon”, much of what we hear is about carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and the negative impact on global warming through the greenhouse-gas effect. Although this is important, it is a result of carbon in the atmosphere in the form of carbon-dioxide gas. But carbon also takes on other solid forms, such as carbon-fiber reinforced carbon composite which is quietly gaining acceptance as an advance carbon material that is able to significantly reduce energy consumption in today’s manufacturing world.

At CFC Design, we are continuously connecting materials, processes, systems and design to serve as the trusted advisor guiding manufacturers toward a smarter manufacturing future to support our global economy and enhance sustainable development.

Sustainability at CFC Design

Lightweight Innovations and Design

Parts made from C/C material are thinner and lighter than those made from conventional material.

Increased Productivity and Energy Savings

Due to the compactness of C/C design fixtures, more material can be loaded into the process resulting in increased productivity.