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CFC Design is a leading global manufacturer of Carbon-Carbon, C/C composite products and engineered design solutions. We have been involved in the development and manufacturing of Carbon-fiber reinforced Carbon matrix (CFRC) advanced composite materials. Through intensive research, CFC Design has pioneered, perfected, and patented an innovative processing technique in the development of Carbon-Carbon, C/C composite. This revolutionary method has enabled us to overcome various complexities associated with Carbon-Carbon, C/C composite and greatly reduce its production time and cost. By bringing revolutionary composite technology, we aim to reach out and provide a wide variety of solutions to the industries around the world.

ACROSS USA INC. is the US subsidiary of CFC Design Inc.

CFC Design Inc.
1-4-11 Funatsu Sabae, Fukui 916-0054 JAPAN
Tel: +81-778-42-5624 Fax: +81-778-42-5625
1480 Beachey Place Carson, CA 90746 U.S.A.
Tel: +1-310-635-3555 Fax: +1-310-635-9171


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